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It is said that bad dreams signify certain aspects about a individual that are impossible to decipher at the plain surface area. This is and significance of bad dreams goes way strong and is said to be the evidence of certain worries, trepidations, and traumas that a individual experiences―which make way through these problems. Why Do We Have Bad Goals So we have bad dreams. But why do we have bad dreams? One exciting concept that needs to be mentioned here is the one that was put forth by Sigmund Freud. Freud suggested that a individual's hidden worries, anxieties, and trepidations get an outlet through bad dreams. What we fear, we keep playing in our heads over and over again, which is how the unconscious gets a message and thus produces bad dreams. Stress So when you have a repeating bad wish, think returning to the events of the day. Was there something distressing and stressful that happened? It has been proven that a stressful experience(s) can cause to problems in a individual. Stress that is experienced due to loss of life, incident, sex-related assault, and the like can be one of the main causes of bad dreams. Sickness Have you ever had a higher fever and then tried to rest through it, only to be thrown into this weird in-and-out-of-conscious-and-unconscious declares of mind? The incident of sickness and illness is something that can cause to bad dreams.


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