A woman must think about how to obtain unwanted

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A woman must think about how to obtain unwanted

Post by ainhoaheres on Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:03 pm

However, in females, for example, reduced bodyweight and deficiency of fat can cause issues with pregnancy and the birth of the child, and are related to digestive complaints. Fat - is an organic defense that protects the internal organs, and retains the heat involved in one's metabolic process, and therefore must be a certain quantity of fat in the human body. Not everyone dream of weight-loss, and some on the contrary, usually overweight A woman must think about how to obtain unwanted fat, if: - Irregular or rare. - For quite a very lengthy time you cannot get pregnant, but there seems to be no purpose. - There is a concern with the state of your epidermis layer and nails and hair: the hair falls out, or cut by broken brittle nails and peel your epidermis is dry and has a tenor gray. - Decreased immunity and often lengthy and sufferers. Moreover, the fabric causes often wrinkles drain and low sexual energy. Excessive thinness - is a threat factor for osteoporosis - bone "re-den", as required fat to produce estrogen, which allows strengthening acicular bone. But with low muscle tissue, and boosts the threat of osteoporosis (lack of bodyweight 2-3 kg). Is regarded sufficient bodyweight if the big (BMI) less than 19 (after Three decades - less than 20). May be due to the foods ineffective and irregular and consuming, extreme actual physical or mental stress is not enough, and fatigue and painful thinness. The big is calculated by Kula formula: Person's bodyweight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. BMI 20-23 - their bodyweight is usual. BMI 24-29 - you are overweight. BMI over 30 - you can talk about obesity. For example, enhance the females big of 1.7 meters and weighs 60 kg is: 60 / (1.7 X 1.7) = 20.7 If the big of more than 20, but you still want to put on bodyweight, so do not be offended, but their issue instead called for cosmetics.


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