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The final products of starchy foods digestive operate, moreover to bilateral sugary meals compounds, it is transformed to monosaccharides of minerals in the brush boundary of the absorptive epithelial cells coating the little intestinal. Vertebrates do not produce capable of digesting the structural polysaccharides of plants minerals. Fats are consumed in alcohol, mono Algelsred, extra fat by lipase, which is mostly eliminated by the pancreatic. However, the lipases minerals soluble in normal water which can attack their substrate only in front side normal water fat. Therefore, it must be fat emulsion in order to provide necessary for digestive operate efficiency space. Emulsification is accomplished by the release of bile salts created by the liver body organ and launched in the midgut. Protein is damaged down first thing in the lengthy chains of meats (protein) by pepsin in the stomach and pancreatic trypsin. Then attacked the proteins by other pancreatic proteases (chymotrypsin, carboxy peptidase, elastase) to build, and meats.


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