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Ingredient List
Ingredients that are used in Testo Black XT includes:
Boron Amino Acid – A study that was conducted among laboratory rats provided evidence that boron may potentially increase estradiol concentration in the body, as well as vitamin D and testosterone. Results also provided evidence that the ingredient may lower levels of HDL cholesterol.
Tongkat Ali – Testo Black XT natural plant extract is reported to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve a better quality erection through an increase in testosterone concentrations.
Sarsaparilla – Testo Black XT is reported that Testo Black XT natural ingredient can help users maintain a firm erection, boost testosterone count, help with high blood pressure and also boost energy levels.
Saw Palmetto – Life Extension explains that saw palmetto has many benefits for prostate health, has the ability to help maintain youthful levels of testosterone and may also be beneficial for a man who suffers from hair loss, as well as to prevent hair loss in men with low testosterone levels.


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